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I am using a header.html file to link my navigation in the webpage, only problem i have is it is not showing up on the pages that are not in the main navigation. for example i have a linked page from a div that goes to rules.php when i follow the link my header.html doesnt show up on the page. but if i remove the embed and just use the code in the header.html instead, the navigation menu shows up.
any suggestions to get the menu showing using the embed method? it would be much easier to embed one snippet instead of having to go to numerous pages not in the main nav and replace lines of code.
the pages all use the same nav code , they basically are the same page with different material in them. thank you ...........tim

Could you attach both the templates please (rules.php and the one linking to it). Also the snippet (header.html).
sorry havent been on line in a day or two, i figured it out, mistake was on my side,just forgot about a list view and didnt embed the header there, all is good now.
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