I am just playing around with the inline editing feature, and it seems to be going fairly dandy, set up some template tags and can edit and save on the page generally OK

Though when I say add an image via the admin panel to one of the content fields, it creates an empty editable field, making the original text static


Here are the template tags

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<?php require_once( 'cms.php' ); ?>
<cms:template title='Homepage'>
<cms:editable name='introduction' label='Intro' type='group' order='0' />
      <cms:editable name='intro_title' label='Title' type='text' group='introduction'>Oakley Neighbourhood Project</cms:editable>
      <cms:editable name='intro_text' label='Text' type='richtext' height='100' group='introduction'>Was formed in 1997 by a group of residents who wanted to improve the opportunities available for local residents and provide a flexible programme based around the needs of the community. The Neighbourhood Project is a registered charity and continues to work closely with local residents.</cms:editable>   
      <cms:editable name='intro_title_2' label='Title' type='text' group='introduction'>The Oakley Community Resource Centre</cms:editable>
      <cms:editable name='intro_text_2' label='Text' type='richtext' height='100' group='introduction'>The Neighbourhood Project manages both the Oakley Community Resource Centre (opened in 2007) and the Old School; both venues are used as a base for the services delivered by Oakley Neighbourhood Project and, being within easy reach of Cheltenham town centre, also house a Conference and Training Facility which offers light, spacious, contemporary meeting rooms and an IT Suite for hire.</cms:editable>   
<!DOCTYPE html>

And the applicable section which they're for

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<div class="intro">
            <h2 <cms:inline_edit 'intro_title' /> ><cms:show intro_title /></h2>
            <p <cms:inline_edit 'intro_text' /> ><cms:show intro_text /></p>
            <h2 <cms:inline_edit 'intro_title_2' /> ><cms:show intro_title_2 /></h2>
            <p <cms:inline_edit 'intro_text_2' /> ><cms:show intro_text_2 /></p>

Not too sure where I went wrong :oops: