I am trying to construct some lists from cloned pages and am using cms:pages and custom_field - in one statement I need a list where a custom field numeric attribute 'faq_no' is "less than" (<) a number and in another "greater than" (>) a number.
The first "less than" statement is below and work just fine:
<cms:pages masterpage='smart_faq.php' custom_field='faq_no<500' orderby='faq_no' order='asc'>

However when I use a "greater than" statement it sees the > symbol as closing the line so doesn't work...
<cms:pages masterpage='smart_faq.php' custom_field='faq_no>500' orderby='faq_no' order='asc'>

What do I add to the statement in order that the greater than (>) symbol is correctly recognised and not seen as closing the line - I have tried various combinations of using " " etc. but to no avail yet...

Thanks for any help - I am sure someone must have come across the same.

UPDATE: OK - don't worry about this - the html editor was saying it was a syntax error but in practice it actually works... :roll: