I noticed that when a page is returned via the CouchCMS search function, it contains the variable k_nested_parent_id, but when it's returned via nested_pages, it contains k_nestedpage_parent_id instead. I think it's the search that is the mistake here, but I might be confused. :D

On that note, I wish there was a k_is_search variable available at the __ROOT__ level. (That is to say, it wouldn't conflict with k_is_page or k_is_list, but rather indicate that a search has been done.) I'm finding it a little tricky to detect when a search has been done without actually using the search tag, which enumerates through the results. This can be problematic if I want to append a simple "Search results for k_search_query" above the search results, since if I put it within the search tag, it'll be repeated as many times as there are results...

Thank you for all the hard work on making this fantastic CMS!

Edit: Aha, we can nest Couch tags! This is great. All better.
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<cms:set is_search = "<cms:gpc 's' />" />
<cms:if is_search >
   <div class="alert alert-info">
      <p>Search results for "<cms:show is_search />"</p>