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since some time I can't do any changes in the administration panel. Every time I put some couch tags in my templates, they are not picked up. The other day I wanted to change descriptions of fields, but the admin panel didn't update (it wasn't THIS much of a problem, cause I updated them manually in the db). Today I wanted to add entirely new fields and for some reason they are not picked up either - maybe they are, because the content which is hard-coded in between them is not being displayed, but the new field doesn't show up in the db at all.

Some time ago I moved entire couch from original folder to one named differently and I believe that this is when the problems started, though I'm not sure.

Could you give me any advise on how to make it work again?

Hi Pinks,

The most common reason for this happening is not visiting the modified template as super-admin for the changes to get picked-up by Couch.

I know, it is a very basic requirement but, somehow, is very easy to miss.

As an aid, please place the following on the template that is not updating -
Code: Select all
<cms:if k_user_access_level ge '10' >
  <p><a target="_blank" href="<cms:admin_link />">EDIT</a></p>
<cms:else /> 
  <h3>You cannot edit!</h3>

Now after modifying the template, please visit it in your browser - you should see the 'EDIT' link for the changes to be persisted (as it'd be visible to only super-admins).

If, however, you do see the link but are still unable to persist the changes - perhaps something is wrong with the way you have coded the template. Please do a view-source and see it any error is being reported.
If not, please PM me the template and I'll try to see what is going wrong.

Hope this helps.
Hi KK,

just to let you know that I did what you advised me to and now it works perfectly again.

Thanks for your time.

I am the super admin and am logged in and posted the code you suggested and it said I cannot edit. Do you have any ideas why that might happen?

Thank you!
Hi hcfusepointe,

If the code says "You cannot edit!", it simply means you are not being recognized as the super-admin.
This can only happen when either
a. you are not logged-in as super-admin while visiting the page
b. or you are logged-in in another browser while visiting the page in a different browser (happens. Trust me).

I can only suggest that:

1. you close all instances of all browsers.

2. Fire up just one browser (let us assume Chrome).

3. Log into Couch's admin-panel as super-admin.

4. In another tab of the same browser window, manually type the URL of the page (that one that was showing the message we are discussing).

I don't see any reason why you won't be recognized as super-admin now.

Please let us know if this helps.
Still getting the "You cannot edit!" and no update on any page.
What should i do?
@actionz, frankly, I have no idea now :)
If your site happens to be online, allow me access to it and I'll try to see if I can find something.
Hi guys,

I found this topic as I was struggling with the same issue.

Turns out, the mistake I made was a very stupid one, a vital error... I had forgotten to change the filename from html to php.


Hopefully this helps somebody else not get it wrong!

Cheers :-)

I'm currently having this problem, but nothing is showing up, period. Even with the code to detect if I'm logged in as super admin, I'm simply getting a blank page.


I have the same problem - and the code to detect if I'm super-admin doesn't even show. Not whether I'm allowed or not, it doesn't pick up that theres any php file with the Couch code in. It's as if the database doesn't see the php? Any ideas?
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