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I've just made 503 file, but it is not recognized by Couch. I just wonder, if this might be a server issue and what kind of server issue? I am having trouble with the support there (took me 3 days to log into the webspace), so I thought I ask experts here, until I wait for their answer...

thanks in advance

well ok, I've surfed the web and tried a workaround...

I created .httaccess file with htese lines:

Code: Select all
ErrorDocument 503 /503.php
RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/503.php$
RewriteRule .* - [R=503]

Although it still looks like this server won't let Couch recognize the is the htaccess file that redirects to 503, but won't let me access couch administration now

Hi Tanja,

Couch will automatically send out '503 Service Temporarily Unavailable' HTTP header (and optionally show the contents of a file named '503.php' if found in site's root) if -
1. You have configured the site to be offline in the config file
2. It is not the admin that is visiting the site

So, for the moment please
a. remove the .htaccess directives you added and also remove the 503.php file.
b. make sure site is set to be offline in config
c. log out and then access the site as an ordinary visitor
You should see a yellow box informing that the site is offline.

Now place an ordinary file (i.e. not Couch managed template) named 503.php in your site's root.
Visit as an ordinary user and you should see the contents of the 503.php file placed above.

Please let me know if things are happening as I outlined above.


Thanks. I followed your instructions, but as soon as I load 503.php on the server I get that default server 503 site...
I have to mention that 503.php is not real php file (I do not know php), it is HTML inside, initially made to be couch template (I deleted that now according to your instruction).... I tried also with empty 503.php file and again I get that default site, with 503.html too...
So, it's not really working...And I still have no news from that server's support....

But, could you please explain to me why 503 is not supposed to be Couch template? Because I use on another server for my website 503.php that is Couch template and it works fine....

could you please explain to me why 503 is not supposed to be Couch template?
It can be a Couch managed template. I just wanted to keep things simple for troubleshooting purpose.

Coming to which, from what you described, it seems there are other factors at play that come in even before Couch comes into the picture.
I think we'll have to wait for your host's reply.

well, this provider is really terrible...he just said "you can solve the problem with htaccess" and that was it...he has never heard about Couch and bothers not....
Would it be possible to check that Server otherwise?

I wanted to post here the the PHP check, if that could help anyhow, but ti seems that pdf file is not allowed....I just see that some things are not completely the same as with another provider where all works....

best regards

Hi Tanja,

Could you grant me FTP+Couch access to your site please?
Let me see if there is something I could do.

Hello, hello Couchies!

This is embarrassing :oops: but I have again an issue that my custom 503, which is Couch template with editable regions, won't activate when the page is off.
Does anyone have an idea, what could be the possible reasons?
When I am in offline mode and type manually 503.php in the browser, it appears... but not automatically...

Otherwise, when I use a html version of a 503 page and add just
<?php require_once( 'couch/cms.php' ); ?>
<cms:template title='503' clonable='0' />
<?php COUCH::invoke(); ?>

without editable regions, sometimes it works, and sometimes not...

Thanks in advance
Hi Tanja,

I had a look at your setup.

To display the custom 503.php file, Couch tries to fetch the contents of that file using an HTTP request - so basically the server calls back the same server.

This is perfectly valid but some hosts (either due to paranoid level of security or some system mis-configuration) don't allow this. Unfortunately, your host seems to be one of them.

So, I am sorry, the custom 503 won't work on your system and You'll have to make do with the generic 503 (site offline) message,
Hi KK,

thanks a lot for checking that! I was already going crazy trying and reading the forum and looking for code errors I thought I might have!!!

Thanks a lot!!!
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