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All my links were working before but for some strange reason, its recently giving weird links. I checked my navigational links but they were the same as before.

For example when I click about me on the nav, should appear but now it shows ... /about.php . is also showing Internal server error. Where is the problem?

Hi Fouridine,

Your host seems to have been reorganizing things.
Both the problems you mentioned have already been mentioned several times on the forum.
The URL problem crops up on some hosts with NFS - viewtopic.php?f=4&t=264&p=710&hilit=NFS#p710
I have modified your config.php to set this right.

The internal server error on couch admin has been discussed at
I have deleted the .htaccess file to rectify this.

Please check and verify.

Thanks! I was reading the threads you posted and understood how you fixed the problem. When does such problems occur? Is it when GoDaddy moved something my site to another server or something?
You are always welcome :)
Couch has had a few problems with Godaddy. The upcoming version of Couch has tried getting these sorted, so, hopefully, we'll no longer have to worry about them.
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