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As I'm adding more and more pages to my site, the admin panel (responsive version) is filling up. I was able to add some "grouping" by using the css before method described on the forums here (modified the icon variant to add some indent).

Is there a way to add a separator (same as before the user item) between "normal" templates? The css-before-pseudo method doesn't work of course, as the element isn't meant to add html markup actually. I could shoot in some jQuery (which I think has an "add before" method), but I thought I'd ask here beforehand.


Hi krisdoff,

The current version has, I am afraid, no provision for defining your own 'separator'.
But, as you might have read on the forums, @cheesypoof is working upon a complete redesign of the admin-panel. It is slated for the next version i.e. 1.4.5. We'll have this feature of grouping related templates in that.
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