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Hi KK,

We are having a problem with pretty urls not working on our new site We are not in charge of the hosting but it is Linux Hosting running Apache. I have used gen_htaccess.php and posted to my .htaccess file but it is not working. Is there anything that you might know of that would be causing the problem. Failing that perhaps you might be able to take a look if we were to give you ftp & login access.


We need to first confirm if the mod_rewrite module (the Apache module used for prettyURLs) is available on your host.

I am attaching a utility for testing this.
Unzip the attachment to extract a folder named 'test_rewrite'.
Place it (with its contents) within your site's root. There is a file within it named 'rewrite.php'.
Access it through your browser -

It should show you whether or not mod_rewrite is available.

Please let me know.




Unfortunately receiving the following error

HTTP_MOD_REWRITE is not set :(
Well, in that case, the only thing we can do is contact the hosting provider and ask him to enable mod_rewrite on the server.
Yah we have done that, sorry I should have posted it in my last reply. Thanks
I'm experiencing an issue with prettyURLs, my site is working fine without it enabled (the site is incomplete though ).
Enabling prettyURLs is throwing me an error, I'm suspecting it's my .htaccess file as it has other lines of code in it, but I have failed to pinpoint the issue. will not work, but works
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