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I have a new install of Couch on a website. Couch is running fine and powers the contact forms fine. I want to make one section of a page editable, and have done that too which is all good.

When I go into the CMS to edit the section and hit the Save button, I am presented with a 403 page saying:

Code: Select all

You don't have permission to access /couch/ on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

Any ideas?

I have seen a similar problem before and the cause turned out to be the Suhosin module installed on the server.

This module is used by web hosts for extra security and it (of many other things) disallows the use of certain words in the content being posted by a form e.g. 'system', 'cmd' etc.

Please try saving the troublesome section without any input at all.
It should save without any problem. If so, next add your input piecemeal saving after each sentence until you hit the error again.
This should help you pinpoint the offending word.

Please let me know how you fare.
Hi KK,
I have a similar problem and it occurs randomly. What I noticed is that sometimes, when editing an article, and I press enter to start a new paragraph, the error comes. However, when I continue in the same line, it saves properly.
These articles are created from the front end via submission forms and use nicedit.
Please help.
@willanga, almost all such reports I have had could be traced to some kind of security mod on the server.
Please do a phpinfo() (or ask your host) and see if there is any such mod in your setup.

Hope it helps,
Thanks KK,
I'll definitely check with my hosting provider.
Hi KK,
The issue was finally resolved. It was mod security that was enabled on the server. After it was disabled, all is well.
Thank you for help!
You are welcome and thanks for confirming the fix.
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