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@Gizmo, please ask your client to use a different browser - see if the error still crops up.
Try clearing up completely the browser's cache.

Finally, take a look at the problem file being reported in the error (nl.js). Can you spot anything amiss there?
Although, if there is indeed something wrong there, it'd be strange that it raises error on one machine and not on other.
Hi KK,

Did everything you come up with.
Cleaned the cache installed Firefox and Opera on their machine but with the same results.

At first I thought it was something with their network but I didn't have this issue on my machine when using their Wifi.
The last thing I can come up with is change the CMS language from Dutch into English to see if this solves the issue.

I'll let you know if this works, otherwise I don't have a clue. Does anybody else have a possible solution other than this?
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