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Yesterday I wanted to show my brother the admin panel and explain how everything works, so he can update the website by himself, but the CKEditor didn't appear. He has Windows Vista with Google Chrome. Is this a known issue?
Hi Martijn,

Can you please confirm that the editor does appear when you access the same admin panel using any other configuration - i.e. a different machine or a different browser?

This is to rule out any problem on the server side that might be preventing CKEditor from appearing.
Hi Kamran,

At home I have a MacBook Pro and an iMac with both Mac OS Lion installed. I tested the website in the following browsers on both machines:

Google Ghrome

but the CKEditor only didn't appear in the browser Opera on both machines. In the other browsers there is nothing wrong with CKEditor.
Hmm.. so in your case it is on Opera while on your brother's machine it was Chrome that CKEditor did not appear. Right?

I haven't had any such report before this so I'd like to dig into the matter further.
Could you please PM me your site's FTP/Couch creds?

Yes, that's right. I will PM you. Thanks.
Hi Martijn,

I logged in and had a look at your site.

It seems, the file
has the following error
// Uncomment the following block to make CKEditor format self-closing tags

the old way e.g. as <BR> and <IMG> instead of <BR /> and <IMG />

The highlighted line should be commented out (i.e. prefixed with '//') to make it -
// Uncomment the following block to make CKEditor format self-closing tags

//the old way e.g. as <BR> and <IMG> instead of <BR /> and <IMG />

Please rectify the error and try accessing the admin panel again (you might need to clear the cache of your browsers for the modified file to take effect).
I think this should fix the issue we had.

Please let me know.
I commented the line above and this fixed the issue. Thanks for your help. :)
I've the exact same problem. I work on mac and CK editor isn't showing.
But at my friends house on pc it was showing.
It doens't show neighter in chrome, firefox or safari...
Thanks for your help
Hi juthonnard,

In all probability it is some JS error that is preventing the editor from showing up.
Please use Chrome's 'Inspect element' of FF's firebug to see if any such error is being reported.
Bumping this old thread because one of my clients reported they've had this same issue on their Macbook Pro.
I paid them a visit because I couldn't reproduce this issue on my Macbook Pro tested with different browsers. With the same page open both mine worked correctly but on theirs CKEditor didn't show up.
A screenshot with the JS error is attached.

Good to know: the admin language on their website is Dutch.
What might cause this issue and how can this be solved?


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