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@jacobc1204, it'd be unexpected to get 'deprecated function' warnings. Could you please PM me a screenshot of the admin-panel (or the HTML behind it doing a view-source) showing those? Thanks.
Thank you @jacobc1204 for PMing the screenshots.

It seems PHP 7.2 has deprecated a couple of functions used by Couch.

Fixing that would likely mean bumping up the minimum supported PHP version to 5.4 - I'll need some time to think over that (the regular practice being following WordPress in this regard and there the current minimum is PHP 5.2.4).

Anyway, while I do that, as a stop-gap measure please put the following in your couch/config.php -
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error_reporting(E_ALL & ~(E_NOTICE | E_STRICT | E_WARNING | E_DEPRECATED));

Do let me know if this helps.

Thanks again for the heads-up.
There is still one error showing up in kcfinder, and it isn't working. (Shown in the attached screenshot)


I forgot to check the console and the XmlHttpRequest on the main thread error is still popping up too. I don't know if that is playing a part at all.
I'm really sorry for the trouble. I went ahead and bumped my php version down to 7.1 and everything seems to be working just fine now. Thank you for the help.
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