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I'm embedding a file called specials.php

this appears on 3 different pages on the site.

Inside specials.php, I have editable tags so that the client can add:
special name
special description
link to special

The problem is, when I go into my Admin section, I'm seeing three of them - one for each page?

I was expecting to have access to just a single specials tab on the side and that would be replicated on each page it's embedded on.

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?


I managed to fix this up.

I used a global, non executable file as a template to access from the Admin section (specials-side.php).
Created a snippet which used get_custom_field and masterpage='specials-side.php'

Called the snippet into each page where it was required.

I'll leave the post up in case anyone else has this problem

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