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@caio, I suggest you PM your details to one of the team members here and they will further investigate your setup!

Best of luck :)
gSvoren Design -
@gSvoren, I suggested the same but it was not acceptable to caio. This problem was unfortunate (and unique so far) and we'd have liked to take a closer look at things.
Anyways, that is about all we could have done to help him troubleshoot the problem remotely.
Something is wrong with caio's PHP configuration, he should enable error reporting and check php error logs for actual cause of blank page.
Unfortunately, I got no success in installing this CMS. The account server is shared with other sites, therefore it was not possible to release the password and login to the CMS staff Couch. I appreciate the help given to me by everyone.

Sorry to jump on this back of this post, but I have exactly the same issue:

Installed tutorial files and couch, going to site/couch results in a black page.

Fresh install of Couch
Fresh install of XAMPP 1.7.3
PHP Version 5.3.1
Win 7 64

All other cms's and sites I run under xampp work as expected.

Any ideas?
Oh, i downloaded and installed the ioncube extensions, as above, getting admin panel now.
I only get a white page as well when trying to access the admin panel...

Have you made sure your host has support enabled for IonCube loaders?
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