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Good night. I'm doing the installation of the couch. I have already installed the codec and the necessary files, but can not access the couch, just blank pages. Please try to help me!

Ps: my website is: or

Hi Caio,

I had a look at and the error it is showing is

Desculpe, Encontramos um erro interno no Servidor 500
Por favor informe na área de contato
Por favor volte para a pagina inicial

That is the web server's internal error 500.
Many reasons why this can happen (faulty .htaccess for example), but I don't think that Couch is the culprit here.

Maybe you could PM me your FTP username/password and I can dig further.

The server uses the php.ini. htaccess is not released for security reasons. There is another reason for my problem?
Not having access to .htaccess is not a problem.
There has to be some other reason that needs to be troubleshooted.

Try placing an ordinary PHP file with a simple
Code: Select all
echo "hello";

statement in it and try running it.
Does that give any error?
I will post and pass the link to you
Ok, so not a problem with plain PHP.
Let us find out if ioncube loader is the problem with your web-server.

Could you do the following please -
1. Download Extracting the archive will yield a folder named ioncube.
2. Place the folder, along with its contents, into your website.
3. Launch the Loader Wizard script in your browser-
Follow the steps as directed by the wizard.
I've done this task.
Please visit:

Ioncube loader is already installed (although it an older version but that shouldn't be a problem).

Since I do not have access to your system, I cannot be sure of this but it seems that you are using Couch from a sub-folder (which is ok) and in the root folder you have Wordpress installed. .htaccess created by Wordpress could be the problem here.

I am sorry but you either try out Couch as a clean installation or test it locally (using WAMP or XAMPP).

Please do not forget to delete the ioncube folder you uploaded for testing.

I rename the file. htaccess as was reported, but unfortunately did not solve the problem. Unfortunately we could not install this CMS! : (
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