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Due to my different page setup I haven't tried pretty urls yet but I have found a use for it now (it is supposed to make things nicer and easier I guess ;) ). I want to make sure it won't interfere with my current setup though:

If I use a clonable page with the folders "cars" and "bikes" ( ... ) will I still be able to create a "real" folder "cars" and put a folder and index.html in them and access it with e.g. ?

Or on the other hand, if the folders "cars" and "bikes" already exist, am I still able to use the same ones with pretty urls?
The way .htaccess file (the entity that puts prettyURLs into effect) is setup -
when a resource is requested, it always searches for a physical folder or file existing on the server first.
It is only after ascertaining that there is no real file/folder with the requested name, that the 'virtual' ones are searched for.

So, in short, if you have both a virtual (Couch) folder as well as a physical folder with the same names, the virtual folder will never be accessible.

Hope this answers your query.
Yes, thank you very much. I fear I have to rethink the whole strukture of this project at some point. I have two new couch based websites in planning, perhaps they will give me some new insight.

Btw. is there some kind of multi-language support planned for the future? Like you have your website "" with the additional "subfolders" for each language (.../en , .../jp, .../es ) and if you would then create a page with couch (whether clonable or not) it would work for all of these? I mean one couch page working for two/three "subpages"?

Of course I could (and did at first) create one couch page for 'home', 'contacts', 'downloads' for each language, but this overloads the admin panel a bit (if you have 10 pages and you offer 3 translations it would make 30 entries in the admin panel). It would be nice if couch would support the option to create just one 'contacts' page where I could enter the different translations just in different editable regions.

I hope you get what I mean ;).
OK, I think I can see what you mean.
Please give me little time to think over it and I'll try to work out a solution.
Thank you very much. It's not really urgent but it would be interesting to see how you would handle it. I worked a bit around it (perhaps you remember) but it's not really a nice solution.
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