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Hi again,

I just discovered the following problem: if someone uses the contact form and puts vowels in it that don't exist in english (ä, ö, ü) I get strange symbols displayed in the mail I receive afterwards. Strangely they are displayed correctly in the mail's subject.

Not sure if this is really a unicode problem but I just wanted to give some hint in the subject. I used more or less the code for the contact form you provided in your documentation.
Hi Klaus,

Could you please PM me your form's code and also the input text plus the output mail you get?
This will help me duplicate the problem quickly on my end.


Thank you for providing the requested info.

I checked out and the mail that I am receiving is perfectly OK.
So basically your setup can have two problems -
1. Your form is not using utf-8 as its character set.
2. Your e-mail client that is reading the mail is not using utf-8 as its character set.

Let us troubleshoot both the cases -
1. For the form, open up the generated HTML source for your page and take a look at the form's markup. it should be something like this -
<form method="post" id="contactForm" name="kformname0" action="" accept-charset="utf-8">

The thing we are looking for is the 'accept-charset' attribute. Please verify that it is set to 'utf-8' (the default used by Couch).

2. As for the email client, I recommend you send the mail to a gmail account and read it from there. If the text comes up ok, the form code is ok and the mail client is at fault.

Please let me know the results.
Thanks, Thunderbird was messing it up. My Android email client still does, though. Is it in general possible to change the character set for the form?
By default the form tag uses the charset configured for the site in 'config.php'
// 3.
// Define the charset used by your site. If in any doubt, leave the default utf-8.
define( 'K_CHARSET', 'utf-8' );

This setting can be overridden in the form by using the 'charset' parameter e.g.
<cms:form method="post" id="contactForm" charset="ISO-8859-1" >
Thank you!
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