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I have a quick (hopefully) question about the CMS putting in <p> tags when I add new content. Is there a way to add text to a field, in this case meta tags, without couch adding in the <p> tags as well? It's causing the layout and css some issues when it adds that tag in... thanks!
Sorry, I've figured that it just needs a type="text" to not insert the <p> tag, but the issue with the CSS layout is still occurring when I add in content to the meta tags. Any thoughts on why adding something that should be hidden would change the layout?

The 'richtext' (wysiwyg) editor adds the <p> tags in a bid to output semantically correct HTML.
However, the content you enter into the 'textarea' and 'text' type regions should be outputted unchanged.

There is no reason why using the content from these two types mess up your layout.

Could you please view the generated source of your web-page and see what exactly is getting outputted within the meta tags? And how is the output different from what you had inputted in the admin-panel?

It'd help if you paste in here -
1. Your input in the admin-panel
2. The output you get on the web-page

I've emailed a set of files to the support email for assistance. Thanks!
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