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Came across a serious one today...

If you edit the HTML in SOURCE view, and put in an <a href=... and close the <a> tag like this:

<a href="" /> and then goto to WYSIWYG view, it repeats ALL the <A> tags all over the place totally corrupting your page. Just by switching to the different view.

This is becoming really difficult to edit content and especially difficult for a client - if you make one html error it seems to corrupt the whole content of that page...

Starting to lose faith in the editor part :(

I wasn't able to duplicate the condition on my system, so perhaps it is dependent on the rest of your content within the wysiwyg editor.

Anyways, two points I'd like to make here -
1. All such problems of formatting within the wysiwyg editor, unfortunately, actually fall outside the purview of Couch as the editor is a third party tool and is being used without any modification.
Despite the fact that CKEditor is one of the two industry-standard editors (the other being tinyMCE), like all wysiwyg editors it seems to have a mind of its own and does display formatting problems occasionally (although, to be fair, we have had no more than a couple of such reports so far).

2. If you don't mind my pointing out this - according to W3C specifications (, it is mandatory for the 'a' tag to have a start tag and an end tag. You seem to be self-closing the 'a' tag and perhaps this is putting CKEditor in a tizzy? Just a thought.

Hi KK,

Yes this was just an example of demonstrating what the editor does to incorrect syntax. I really need the customer to be confident at putting in content without the system corrupting.

You have to flip from Source to WYSIWYG to get the effect. I realise that the editor is a bolt on for your product, but none the less it's the editor of choice for your system, so for all intents and purpose, it is part of your system. I have looked at the editors website, but there are 1000's of forum entries and takes a long time wading through to find anything relevant.

Thanks for your response

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