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I have a website where I am using Couch for my portfolio and blog. My url is this It's been a while since I last updated my blog, but today I wanted to post something, but all I get after logging into the Couch system is a really weird TimThumb error that I've never seen before. I don't even know what TimThumb is...

When I access my couch folder I get the normal login screen, I enter my username and password, click login and boom I get this message:
Code: Select all
A TimThumb error has occured

The following error(s) occured:
No image specified

Query String :
TimThumb version : 2.8.2

Does anyone know what this is? It's never been like this before, but last time I updated my blog or portfolio was on the 10th of October. Could it be something wrong with my host?

Please help me with this as I love Couch and my site was working so great before this happened. Its sort of important for me to update my site as I have a few clients looking at it and I need to add a new showreel etc to my portfolio..

PS: I have not edited anything inside the includes/timthumb.php file
PPS: I have never seen this error before on other sites I run with Couch
Hi Datsun,

Could you PM me your site's FTP/Couch credentials please?
I'd like to take a look into this.

OK, while still waiting for your site's creds, I thought about this strange behaviour and I think I can see what is happening here.

Timthumb is a very popular third-party script used for photo manipulation.
Couch uses a modified version of it.

Very recently, a severe flaw in the original script cropped up and this led to at least 1.2 Million Wordpess sites being hacked.
Rest assured, the script that ships with Couch is not vulnerable as it already has appropriate security checks in it.

The script was patched and the secure version of it was released by the developers - that is version 2.8.x. People were advised to upgrade to the new version.

Certain webhosts (e.g. BlueHost hosting) went ahead and began automatically correcting and fixing all accounts that used the TimThumb script.
And his is what seems to have happened. The timthumb.php found within the Couch installation seems to have been automatically replaced by your host with the patched version.

No worries here though. Please get the timthumb.php found in the original installation zip of Couch and place it back into your couch/includes folder.

Do let me know if this helps.

You are absolutely right, I was wondering what that timthumb.php.orig file was.

Thanks so much for sorting out yet another problem, I just sent you the ftp details but it seems to be fixed now :D

Now that I think about it, is there any way to resize all images I upload to say max 1000px? even tho the images I choose to upload is say 1200px?
You are welcome, Datsun :)
I am glad it helped.
Now that I think about it, is there any way to resize all images I upload to say max 1000px? even tho the images I choose to upload is say 1200px?

Not automatically, I am afraid.
You'll have to modify the parameters of the editable region defined in you template.
Then go into admin panel and edit each existing page - setting the already selected image to empty. Saving the page. Selecting the image again. Saving again will cause the image to be cropped to the new dimensions.
All in all - not a rosy proposition.

I'll suggest you use FTP to download all the image files to your local system. Use any photo manipulation tool (e.g IrfanView) to bulk process the images and then upload them back.
Make sure to still set the parameters of the defined editable region to the new width.
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