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Hi, i have a big problem.When i create a new post it is not displayed on my site,
but when clicking on view in admin view it is displayed correctly.
Is it maybe some problem with the database? Please help!!
Can you give your code?
Check your post date in your admin module for that entry. I had a strange issue as well some time ago with standard posting today+1 day...
Nothing is wrong with the database.
As Divian rightly pointed out, please go into the 'Advanced settings' of the page in question and check the publish date. In all probability it would be a few hours into the future that prevents the page being listed by the 'pages' tag.
Unbeliavable, this +1 day was indeed causing me problems.
Thank you very much, but i would also like some official response from KK, just to know why is this happening.

Looks like we posted on the same time.Ok, if this is normal, it is fine by me.
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