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I did everything that you guys instructed me to.

After I did that, It said that the loader was now installed and things should work correctly.

So then I ran: again and I got the following error:

Could not connect to database
Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (2)
godaddy woes :roll:

You'll need to place your MySQL database's IP address instead of the 'localhost' in config.php.
Code: Select all
// MySQL hostname (it will usually be 'localhost' )
define( 'K_DB_HOST', 'localhost' );

Please contact godaddy and they'll help you with this problem.

You can find a discussion of this issue with godaddy here -

I found out that my hostname for this database at godday is:

So I went and placed that in my "config.php" file in place of "localhost".

Then I went and ran again.

And I got the following error: Could not connect to database
Access denied for user 'jbraden1'@'%' to database 'CouchCMSdatabase1'

Yes indeed it is frustrating.

Although the problems you are facing are entirely due to your particular host, I'd like to do my part in trying to get Couch run on it.
Kindly PM me your FTP and Couch credentials and I'll take a look at what is wrong.


Can you explain to me Exactly what it is you need from me about my credentials and FTP?


You certainly must be using some FTP client to connect to your host and upload files to your server. To do that you must have configured your FTP client with a FTP username and password provided to you by godaddy. I'll be requiring that FTP username/password so I can connect to your host from my place using the FTP client I have on my system.




Thanks for entrusting me with the credentials.

I had a look at your host and found that you were using the wrong database name.
I corrected it and everything is working perfectly now (please see your congig.php file for the MySQL credentials I used)
Please verify and let me know.


WOW! Thanks!

Can you please let me know what was wrong and the correct thing to use?

I went to:

And now I finally get the login screen! Yippy!
Hi Braden,

You are most welcome :)

You were simply using the wrong database name. I corrected that and that was all that was required. Please see your config.php to see the database name I used.

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