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Hi, when im using the form to send an email. The encoding is in latin and not in utf-8. I guess i need to do some extra coding within the config or form to make it work.

The following line in config.php defines the default charset of your page. This charset is also what is used by all web forms during submission.
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// 3.
// Define the charset used by your site. If in any doubt, leave the default utf-8.
define( 'K_CHARSET', 'utf-8' );

Are you sure you are using 'utf-8' in config.php?

Also do you have this in your template that contains the form?
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<meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" />

Finally, can you let me know the address of the page that contains the form (if it is hosted publicly) and can you show us what was the utf-8 input that you were using and what was the output you got?

I checked and i didnt find anything. Ill email you with the adress as i dont want it to show in the forum.
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