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Hello, im getting a error 203 when trying to upload a image.
Im guessing its a CKEditor problem.

The code look like this:
<cms:editable name='blog_image'

The show code look like this:
<cms:if "<cms:not_empty blog_image />" >
<span class="thumb"><img src="<cms:show blog_image />" /></span>
<cms:else />
<img src="" />

We get this error when PHP fails to move the uploaded image from the tmp folder to the actual folder. Usually this happens when the uploaded file is invalid but there can be other reasons too.

Do you get the error for every image that you try to upload or does it happen with only some images?
Secondly, can you make sure that the folder into which the images get stored after uploading (uploads/images) has 'write' permission?
I get error even if i try another image and the folder got write permissions.
I double checked and the error only accours if you dont use 757 permisson. So it was a server problem then.
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