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I have used the tutorials to get couch going on my website. I am having some trouble with incorporating navigation on the project pages. I have set up the thumbnail page that is embedded in the main project page... much like the way the blog is set up :)
The problem is I can not get the navigation (back and forth) buttons to work properly. The way it is set up is after you click the thumb you go to the individual project page... I have arrows(img) that I would like to navigate through the projects without having to go back to the list page. What is the best way to do this? I tried referencing the code from blog navigation but when I clicked any thumb... it always brought me to the same project. Anyone?

To navigate to the next and previous pages from the current page, you can use the following code in page_view -
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        <cms:pages start_on=k_page_date order='asc' limit='1' offset='1'>
            <li><a href="<cms:show k_page_link />">Newer</a></li>

        <cms:pages stop_before=k_page_date limit='1'>
            <li><a href="<cms:show k_page_link />">Older</a></li>

This has been discussed in viewtopic.php?f=2&t=21&p=84#p84

Please let me know if this helped.
I would love to try this out but I have run into a new problem. I am trying to access my site and the admin and I am getting:

Could not connect to database
Unknown MySQL server host '' (2)

My hosting is with go daddy and I went through the ioncube process when I originally set everything up. It was working fine but now I am getting this every time I try to access the site. I called go daddy and they checked the config.php file as well as the database. They said everything looked like it should work. They asked me to contact Couch. Any ideas on what is going on? :?:

It cannot possibly be a problem with Couch else things wouldn't have worked even the first time.

However, I can try and troubleshoot the issue if you so wish. I'll be requiring Cpanel access and your Couch's admin credentials for this. Please PM them to me if it is ok with you.
Sent the info via PM

Thank you for entrusting me with the credentials.
I had a look at your site and the load time seems to be erratic. It took 8 seconds for the home page to load once while the next few times it was quite fast (0.1 sec) before getting slow again.

I believe, you happen to be on shared hosting. Since there are multiple sites sharing resources with each other, scripts running on any one of those sites can misbehave and affect the others. This, in all probability. is what is happening and, I think, the MySQL server is getting overloaded by some other site.

I think it'd be better to ask the support staff of your host to look into the matter as they are the one who can monitor all the sites.

P.S. as an aside, it is pretty looking site you are building :)
Thanks so much! You are awesome. I appreciate you taking the time to take a look at the situation. This is the first time I have used a cms and you have helped make the experience a little easier. I will contact them and see what is going on. I will also take a whack at the navigation for the portfolio pages with the suggested code you provided on the forum. Thanks for the help and the compliment! :mrgreen:
Okay- I wanted to add to this as it will make more sense. I have contacted GoDaddy about the slow loading. They have migrated my hosting to a 4GH and had me delete my databases and back them up. I have done everything they asked me to do. I am having trouble getting into my Couch Admin now. I am getting a 404 error and also getting a 404 error on the links that contain an embedded page. Like the blog and portfolio page. I am extremely confused. I have been on and off the phone with GoDaddy- they have narrowed it down to the htaccess file. I found the post on the forum about this and deleted it and made adjustments to the other. My couch login still does not work and my portfolio and blog is still grabbing the 404. Anyone know what is going on?

I logged in and had a look.

The problem was that Couch was unable to figure out the site's path correctly. This happens sometimes on hosts using NFS and the sign of this problem occurring is that the login box of Couch appears without the proper CSS and without the images (which are not found because of the erroneous path being used).

This problem has been discussed before in the forums and can easily be set right by giving a helping help to Couch -
Find the following lines in config.php
Code: Select all
    // 1.
    // If neccesary, define the full URL of your site including the subdomain, if any.
    // V.IMP: Don't forget the trailing slash!
    //define( 'K_SITE_URL', '' );

uncomment the line with the 'define' and enter your site's URL (with the trailing slash)
Code: Select all
    // 1.
    // If neccesary, define the full URL of your site including the subdomain, if any.
    // V.IMP: Don't forget the trailing slash!
    define( 'K_SITE_URL', '' );

I have made the changes myself. Please check and let me know if everything is working as expected.
You are awesome. I looked through the forum and couldn't find anything relating to it. I guess I need to look closer next time :shock:
Thank you for fixing it up for me! I checked it and it looks great- all is right again.
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