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So far I really like CouchCMS especially the ability to create clonable pages.

I can get the pages to appear fine in the admin panel but when ever I try to directly connect the one of my pages in my browser ex I get a 404 error? What am I doing wrong?
Hi Kyle,

Is the PrettyURL setting turned on in config.php? And if so, have you updated the .htaccess file (as explained in
Try turning off PrettyURL temporarily and see if the pages are accessible.
Do let me know.
In config.php I turned off PrettyURLs, also deleted the .htaccess file created by gen_htaccess.php and everything is working fine. I don't know why the PrettyURLs were working, I have it installed in a subfolder and in the .htaccess I changed the line that was marked to be changed.
Hi Kyle,

Try now recreating the .htaccess file and turn the PrettyURLs on again.
The prettyURLs should work okay now.
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