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Hi all,
I'm getting crazy but maybe it's me…
I created different groups but only the last one contains all the components, and the others are empy.

This is my code:

<cms:editable name='PrjArt_1' label='Progetto Arte 1' desc='Progetto Arte 1' type='group' />
<cms:editable name='Prj_arte_titolo_1' group='PrjArt_1' type='text' />
<cms:editable name='Prj_arte_contenuto_1' group='PrjArt_1' type='richtext' />
<cms:editable name='Prj_arte_display_1' group='PrjArt_1' type='text' />

<cms:editable name='PrjArt_2' label='Progetto Arte 2' desc='Progetto Arte 2' type='group' />
<cms:editable name='Prj_arte_titolo_2' group='PrjArt_2' type='text' />
<cms:editable name='Prj_arte_contenuto_2' group='PrjArt_2' type='richtext' />
<cms:editable name='Prj_arte_display_2' group='PrjArt_2' type='text' />

<cms:editable name='PrjArt_3' label='Progetto Arte 3' desc='Progetto Arte 3' type='group' />
<cms:editable name='Prj_arte_titolo_3' group='PrjArt_3' type='text' />
<cms:editable name='Prj_arte_contenuto_3' group='PrjArt_3' type='richtext' />
<cms:editable name='Prj_arte_display_3' group='PrjArt_3' type='text' />

<cms:editable name='PrjArt_4' label='Progetto Arte 4' desc='Progetto Arte 4' type='group' />
<cms:editable name='Prj_arte_titolo_4' group='PrjArt_4' type='text' />
<cms:editable name='Prj_arte_contenuto_4' group='PrjArt_4' type='richtext' />
<cms:editable name='Prj_arte_display_4' group='PrjArt_4' type='text' />

<cms:editable name='PrjArt_5' label='Progetto Arte 5' desc='Progetto Arte 5' type='group' />
<cms:editable name='Prj_arte_titolo_5' group='PrjArt_5' type='text' />
<cms:editable name='Prj_arte_contenuto_5' group='PrjArt_5' type='richtext' />
<cms:editable name='Prj_arte_display_5' group='PrjArt_5' type='text' />

<cms:editable name='PrjArt_6' label='Progetto Arte 6' desc='Progetto Arte 6' type='group' />
<cms:editable name='Prj_arte_titolo_6' group='PrjArt_6' type='text' />
<cms:editable name='Prj_arte_contenuto_6' group='PrjArt_6' type='richtext' />
<cms:editable name='Prj_arte_display_6' group='PrjArt_6' type='text' />

<cms:editable name='PrjDidattica_1' label='Progetto Didattica 1' desc='Progetto Didattica 1' type='group' />
<cms:editable name='Prj_didattica_titolo_1' group='PrjDidattica_1' type='text' />
<cms:editable name='Prj_didattica_contenuto_1' group='PrjDidattica_1' type='richtext' />
<cms:editable name='Prj_didattica_display_1' group='PrjDidattica_1' type='text' />

<cms:editable name='PrjDidattica_2' label='Progetto Didattica 2' desc='Progetto Didattica 2' type='group' />
<cms:editable name='Prj_didattica_titolo_2' group='PrjDidattica_2' type='text' />
<cms:editable name='Prj_didattica_contenuto_2' group='PrjDidattica_2' type='richtext' />
<cms:editable name='Prj_didattica_display_2' group='PrjDidattica_2' type='text' />

<cms:editable name='PrjDidattica_3' label='Progetto Didattica 3' desc='Progetto Didattica 3' type='group' />
<cms:editable name='Prj_didattica_titolo_3' group='PrjDidattica_3' type='text' />
<cms:editable name='Prj_didattica_contenuto_3' group='PrjDidattica_3' type='richtext' />
<cms:editable name='Prj_didattica_display_3' group='PrjDidattica_3' type='text' />

<cms:editable name='PrjTechnology_1' label='Progetto Technology 1' desc='Progetto Technology 1' type='group' />
<cms:editable name='Prj_techno_titolo_1' group='PrjTechnology_1' type='text' />
<cms:editable name='Prj_techno_contenuto_1' group='PrjTechnology_1' type='richtext' />
<cms:editable name='Prj_techno_display_1' group='PrjTechnology_1' type='text' />

<cms:editable name='PrjTechnology_2' label='Progetto Technology 2' desc='Progetto Technology 2' type='group' />
<cms:editable name='Prj_techno_titolo_2' group='PrjTechnology_2' type='text' />
<cms:editable name='Prj_techno_contenuto_2' group='PrjTechnology_2' type='richtext' />
<cms:editable name='Prj_techno_display_2' group='PrjTechnology_2' type='text' />

Attached the result inside the admin panel.

Thanks for any help.



Hi Mat,

Welcome to our forum :)

Please make all the group names fully lowercased everywhere they occur - e.g. use 'prjart_1' instead of 'PrjArt_1'
Code: Select all
<cms:editable name='prjart_1' label='Progetto Arte 1' desc='Progetto Arte 1' type='group' />
<cms:editable name='Prj_arte_titolo_1' group='prjart_1' type='text' />
<cms:editable name='Prj_arte_contenuto_1' group='prjart_1' type='richtext' />
<cms:editable name='Prj_arte_display_1' group='prjart_1' type='text' />

I must admit that this can be termed as a minor glitch as Couch (erroneously) expects the group names to be in lowercase. We have fixed it for the next release.

Thanks for taking the time to report this behavior.
not a big issue… thanks for the workaround.

Anyway, great piece of software…

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