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How do i create an area for editable albums which take me to photos of the album?
You could do the following -
a. Create a template (say named 'gallery.php'). Declare it 'clonable'.
b. Create two editable regions - one of type 'image' for the main image and an associated 'thumbnail' type for the thumbnail.
c. Create a cloned page for each photograph. The thumbnail will be generated automatically.
d. Use folders (dynamic if required) to group the photographs.
e. Finally use the regular 'home-view' and 'folder-view' to display the thumbnails and link each thumbnail to the 'page-view' that shows the full image or use JavaScript to show the full image on the list pages themselves.

The process is same as that used to create the 'Portfolio' section in our tutorials which you can see as a guide - ... folio.html

Please feel free to use the forum if you require any assistance.
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