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CMS:input reports "ERROR: Tag "input" 'name' contains invalid characters. (Only lowercase[a-z], numerals[0-9] hyphen and underscore permitted".

Spaces and square brackets, among other things, are valid and useful in form name elements. Spaces for clean 1:1 human readable output, and square brackets in order to pass an array of values, e.g. multiple inputs with name="myfield[]" should be interpreted as an array with each input value representing an array member. It's understandable if couch's own form processing can't handle these kinds of form elements, and they should be created using straight HTML markup for processing by an outside script, but in that case please clarify in documentation.

That limitation of permissible characters in names is indeed that of Couch and not HTML.

As of now there is no provision for the use of custom PHP script to handle Couch tags hence we chose to enforce the naming convention acceptable only to Couch.
But you are right - we ought to have made it clearer.

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