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Hi, im having a trouble. The CKEditor has disappeared from the Textarea.
I have tried using browsers like IE, Chrome, Firefox. So i think the problem lies within the javascript.

Im running it on a wampserver on windows 7. It has been working perfectly but all of a sudden it disappeared.

Even we have sporadically encountered this problem - but only on local machines running Wampserver and never on hosted stacks (hence this issue was not considered critical).

The trouble actually lies with Wampserver that seems to have a tendency of serving only partial JavaScript files that are large in size.
CKEditor uses a file named 'ckeditor.js' and this file sometimes doesn't get delivered fully to the browser thus causing JavaScript errors and the disappearance of the editor.

As a fix, instead of using a .js file we can use PHP to deliver the JavaScript code.

Could you please try out the following and let me know if this rectifies the problem?
1. Go to 'includes/ckeditor' folder within your Couch installation folder.
2. Remove the following three files from the folder - ckeditor.js, ckeditor_php4.php and ckeditor_php5.php.
3. Place the three patched files I am attaching with this post in place of the removed files (we are replacing the ckeditor.js file with a PHP file named ckeditor_v35.php).

Please let us know if this solves the issue.


Thanks KK that seemed to work. These files gonna be there in the next update?
I am glad it worked. Thanks for letting us know.
Answering your question, yes, I think we'll get them into the coming update.
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