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This has happenned twice now, I navigate to the home page and couch install page is up asking for name, password, ect. the first time i didnt check it with another browser this last time i checked it with mozzilla and the web site was there. although i wasnt thinking i should of went to couch admin with mozzilla but it slipped my mind.

anyway for some reason internet explorer(version 8 on my machine) is throwing this weird effect up every once and awhile. has this happened to anyone else?
never mind i think that because i left the install.php on the site it was picking it up once in a while i deleted it and will see if any problems come up in the future.
This is the first time we've had anyone reporting such a problem.
Do let us know if it crops up again.
i removed the install.php but it caused problems so i put it back on the server and set permission to 0 hopefully this will work i will let you know if it doesnt.
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