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In the CMS, multiple line text areas are not showing. Any help?

Could you please elaborate a little more?
If possible kindly post in your code, what you expected it to do and what was the erroneous result.

It's not a single page, it's sitewide. Everywhere I have </cms:editable>, in the CMS admin panel, it's blank. No box to input content. Below is an image of what I'm seeing in the CMS.

Can I have your site's FTP/Couch credentials please?

I had a look at your site and it seems several of the original source files within the ckeditor folder have been manually manipulated (e.g. the paths to icons was found changed, ckeditor.js has been modified etc.).

I uploaded a fresh copy of the ckeditor folder and the problem was resolved.
Please check and confirm.

Thank you for your help!! This all happened after I installed Couch to the live site. Not sure how ckeditor.js was changed, I'm pretty sure I've never even opened that file.

Thanks again for your help!!

You are always welcome Heather :)
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