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Hello everyone i just started to use Couch and I'm trying to link, some SlideShow images, to a specific blog post.
Which means that the user has to specify in href="" the link to the specific post that he wants, so I've got to create a editable region so that the user can in the BO insert the link to the post, and them I've to insert it in some way in href="" parameter.

How can I do this, I've read some of the documentation, but didn't found any specific way to do this!

Thank you in advance
Hi and welcome to our forums :)

Suppose, as you mentioned, we create an editable region (type 'text') for the user to enter the link into.
If the name of the above mentioned editable region is, say, 'my_link', we can use its content to set the href in our template this way -
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<a href="<cms:show my_link />"><img src="slideshow_image.png" /></a>

The slideshow will certainly have multiple images.
One way to allow the user to set all the images and the their hrefs could be to create two editable regions for each slideshow image -
1. Type 'image' to hold the image itself and
2. Type 'text' to hold the link.

Hope this helps.

Thank you very much for your reply, the idea I had was almost identical to the one you mencioned!

One more time thank you for your support and cheerful welcome!
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