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I discovered the following problem:

Im inserting an image and creating a thumbnail,
the thumbnail is directly displayed with this code:

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When I change the size of the thumbnail the new sized image is automatically (or manually via backend) created in the 'uploads' folder. BUT the function in my template still puts out the old sized file because in the database it doesn't refresh the thumbnail path, I have to do this manually.

It's not a big deal because thumbnail sizes won't change later, but I just wanted to mention that.

What you observed is not a bug. It actually happens because -
Thumbnails are always tied to another editable region of 'image' type.
Once a thumbnail has been created it won't be recreated again till the parent image changes.

As you rightly mentioned thumbnail parameters are not likely to get changed often so this is usually not a problem but in case they do, you can force them to be recreated by changing the parent image to something else and then changing back to the original image.

What I do in such situation is add an extra character after the parent image's name and click save. Obviously no image of this name exists so I get an error on both image as well as thumbnail field. I remove the extra character to get the original name and save again. This time the save is successful and in doing so the thumbnail gets recreated.
Your solution sounds a little easier than the one I found. I just changed the path via phpmyadmin in the database.

Maybe this can be done automatically?

If I press 'Recreate' in the backend, the path in the database could be changed, too?
I mean, the path is saved in 'couch_data_text' and could be updated after the new thumbnail is created? Would this be possible? ...

Merry Christmas! :)
Yes I agree. It should have a cleaner solution. We've taken note of this issue. Thanks.
Have a merry Christmas :)
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