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Guys I have this huge problem and i checked on the forum and I tried to modify config.php but doesn't work....please I know it's Sunday but I needed for tomorrow cause is for a main customer.

That is what happens....I try to add the php code to my page "news.php" and when i refresh the panel nothing happens, so i go to give a look if the page is ok and what i find is the error message i wrote.

please help me i'm pretty desperate.

:( :( :( :(

Hi Guys, I tried to fix this problem modifying the path in config.php but nothing happens...i have to be able to modify this page but as you can see that is the error that appears if i add the php code before and after the html.

please i need to fix it or i'm gonna be in a huge mess....

thanks for this

:( :( :( :(

Can't see the problem right now. Maybe you rolled back the changes.
You can PM me your site's FTP+Couch credentials and I'll definitely take a look at this problem.
nothing i just had to reset the entire database....the host is giving me a lot of trouble....

thanks anyway :)
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