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Firstly, thank you for helping me with my questions; you've been a great help!

Following the tutorial, I'm at the stage where I'm creating the Portfolio section. I'm having an issue with the 'Recreate cropping from…' panel in the main admin panel. When I click 'Recreate' after selecting a cropping option, nothing seems to happen. The image stays the same.

Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks again in advance!


Thank you very much for reporting this problem.
This indeed is a bug that you have encountered.

I am attaching a patch for this. Please backup the original 'ajax.php' in Couch installation folder and then replace it with the one being attached here.

Do let me know if this solves the problem.
Thanks again.



It works now; I think?!?

However, am I right in thinking that the 'Recreate' option will not work if the parameter 'crop' is set to 1 for the image that is recalled using 'assoc_field'?

Also, I've also noticed that once the original image is uploaded to the server, after cropping and saving in the admin panel, the original image is then overwritten with the new cropped image. Is this normal?

Many thanks,

Setting the 'crop' for the parent image does not affect the thumbnail in any way. The 'recreate' should work as usual.
Since you asked this question, have you noticed any anomalous behaviour?

As for the original image being overwritten by the cropped version, yes that is the way it works and this behaviour is by design.

Hope this answers your questions.

Thanks for your response.

Setting the crop for the parent image will not allow me to Recreate the thumbnail. The thumbnail just loadds as the cropped size.

Any ideas?

Many thanks,

Could you paste in the definitions (cms:editable statements) you are using for both the main image and its thumbnail, please?

I'll try and recreate the condition on my server and let you know.


Here are the requested definitions:

Code: Select all
<cms:editable name='group_img1' label='First Image' desc='First Image' type='group' />
        label='Image 1'
        desc='Upload first image of portfolio here'
        type='image' />
        label='Image Thumbnail'
        desc='Thumbnail of first image'
        type='thumbnail' />

Many thanks,

I am in the process of checking this problem out.
Just a quick question for you-
When you say "..Setting the crop for the parent image will not allow me to Recreate the thumbnail..", do you mean that the 'Recreate' button does not show up in the admin panel or that the button is visible but clicking it does not recreate the thumbnail.


The Recreate button is visible in the admin panel but clicking on it does not Recreate the thumbnail.

Thanks for your help.


Actually, clicking the button does create the thumbnail, however take a look at the ratio of your main image and the thumbnail - both are 2:1. Since they have identical ratios, whichever corner you choose to create the thumbnail from you'll always get the complete image (only scaled to half).

Try this out - temporarily change the height of the thumbnail to '223'. This way its width and height will become the same and we'll have a square thumbnail for a rectangular image.
Remove the main image, save page (required to remove the original thumbnail), reselect the main image and save again.
We'll have a square thumbnail. Now try re-creating it from different corners.
The difference should be visible.

Do let me know.
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