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I'm trying to enable the Pretty URL function (following the explanation in the Documentation), but when I try to access the gen_htaccess.php file in my browser I just get a blank page.

The Pretty URLs work on the pages but then I receive a 404 error page.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

As a security measure, gen_htaccess.php will output nothing if it is accessed by a non-admin. Can you please confirm that you are accessing it through the same browser in which you are logged on as the super-admin?

..The Pretty URLs work on the pages but then I receive a 404 error page
Pretty URLs will require the .htaccess file generated by gen_htaccess.php. You mentioned that gen_htaccess.php was not working. Let us first try and get the required .htaccess.
Thanks for getting back to me!

I've managed to accesss the gen_htaccess.php file – I wasn't logged in as the super-admin!

However, when the pages show up in the browser they have lost all the CSS styling. This has happened after I enabled Pretty URLs.

Any thoughts?

Many thanks,

That happens when you are using relative paths for the CSS/image files. e.g
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<link rel="stylesheet" href="css/styles.css" />

Just convert them to absolute path to make the links work again.
Either prefix the paths with a '/'
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<link rel="stylesheet" href="/css/styles.css" />

or prepend them with the full path of your site this way-
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<link rel="stylesheet" href="<cms:show k_site_link />css/styles.css" />
Great! It works!

Thanks for your patience.

You are welcome :)
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