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I'm building a clonable template and I've added several editable regions. I've since decided to get rid of one of these but it is still showing up in the Couch admin page. How do I remove it?! I'm running the CMS on a MAMP server at the moment.

thanks in advance!

The steps for deleting an editable region are very similar to those required for creating one.
1. Remove the code (cms:editable) that defines the editable region from the template.
2. Access the template via your browser while being logged in as super-admin.

For clonable templates, it is necessary to access the template in page-view for the changes to be picked up by Couch (in all probability, this is what must be stumping you). This can easily be done by clicking the 'magnifying glass' icon found besides any cloned page entry in the listing shown in admin-panel.

The procedure outlined above will make Couch recognize the editable region as being marked as deleted. On accessing the admin-panel you'll find the region to be marked in red. Click 'delete' to permanently remove this region.

Hope this helps.
Ah... I knew it would be something simple I'd not done.

Yes, I'd only been accessing the 'list view' and not the 'page view' so it wasn't updating.

All makes sense now, cheers for the speedy response!
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