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Hi, I'm following the Tutorial on the Couch website and have come across an issue regarding the blog section. I'm at the point where I'm adding posts via the CMS panel and the first two appear after cliking save. However, when I've come back to add more posts and click save, they no longer appear in the browser. I've emptied the cache, cleared the cookies, but still no luck.

Can anyone help please!?!

Thanks on advance.


Please check the publish date of the posts that are not showing by clicking 'Advanced settings'. Make sure that the date/time does not fall in the future.

A known bug in the current version of Couch erroneously adds a few hours to the publish date of posts that are created in the first hour after mid-night thus making them fall in the future.
In all probability, this is what is causing the issue.

Please check and confirm if this helped. Thanks.
Thanks for the prompt reply!

I have changed the publish date and the posts show up! Great!

One more question: can I change the time settings to my time zone? If so, how do I do it?

Thanks again!

You are welcome :)

Replying to your query -
To change the time-zone, please find the following setting in 'config.php' (present within the installation folder of Couch) -
Code: Select all
    // 2.
    // Your Time Zone
    // Example values (note how :15, :30, :45 will be entered as .25, .5 and .75 respectively):
    // +12.75 New Zealand (UTC+12:45)
    // +8.75  Australia (UTC+08:45)
    // +5.5   India (UTC+05:30)
    // +1     Germany (UTC+01:00)
    // 0      United Kingdom
    // -2     Brazil (UTC-02:00)
    // -4.5   Venezuela (UTC-04:30)
    // -6     United States (Central Time) (UTC-06:00)
    // -8     United States (Pacific Time) (UTC-08:00)
    define( 'K_GMT_OFFSET', +5.5 );

- and modify +5.5 in the define( 'K_GMT_OFFSET', +5.5 ) to match your time-zone.
Thank you so much! This works great!

Brilliant CMS!

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