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Hi! I Have question about updating CouchCMS. Last Release is 2.4 from 15 October 2023.

I updated this version to my clients sites but have questions about updating your commits from Github. Last is from March, should i checking for new commits and update to the latest code version?

We want to stay up to date and we want to be safe safe so it's how I ask.

What version is here? The latest version including your commits after 2.4 version or version from 15 October 2023 and i must update my 2.4 to latest version by download latest files from github?

How do you recommend do it and how do you do it and how often? Until now, we have only updated full releases 2.3, 2.4 etc.

Should we check commits or only update full releases?
Couch follows the pattern of changing the version number only when the database changes (which also usually signifies the addition of some major features) or when a security fix is applied.
This is then inevitably followed by the addition of commits (bug fixes and simple enhancements usually) but that does not change the version number.

So, 2.4 as released in Oct 23 was the *last major* version.
This was then followed by several commits to address the bug reports as they came in.
So the *latest* code that you can get is what is currently available for download from GitHub (Code => Download Zip).
Screenshot from 2024-05-02 17-20-22.png
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Incidentally, you get the same latest zip from our page as well.

This 'latest' zip mentioned above would be the recommended version for *new* installations.
For *existing* installations however, as far as security is concerned, it is perfectly ok to have just the last major version (v2.4 as of this post) irrespective of how many more commits were added to it later.

For example, if you have installed 2.4 in October, there is no need for you to keep in sync with the later commits.
However, if you happen to later run into some kind of a bug, it would be recommended to upgrade to the latest version from GitHub as it is likely to contain the bug fix.

Hope this answers your query.
Your answers are more than satisfactory. Thank you very much for your extensive and detailed answer. Now it's clear to me.
You are welcome :)
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