Sorry it took so long to test, but yes, this works! Since I'm using routes, this is the code I put on my pages:

my page header link:
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<cms:show k_site_link />css/style.php?page=<cms:show k_template_name />&post=<cms:show rt_name/>

my style.php page:
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<cms:pages masterpage="<cms:gpc 'page' />" page_name="<cms:gpc 'post' />" limit='1' ><cms:show page_img /></cms:pages>

Thank you very much, Anton!

That opens up a whole other world of being able to integrate dynamic data into what used to be a static page.

Thanks @kk, @trendoman and @genex for all of your help with this.

Is there a previous post that talks about adding gpc params to links like this?