The only think that came to mind is that it was not initializing inline.php but i thought that is impossible since I have declared it in the template itself:

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<?php require_once( K_COUCH_DIR.'addons/inline/inline.php' ); ?>

But apparently, that will not work for me and I had to uncomment it directly in the config.php
Hi all,

I have couch set up on a localhost running WampServer and everything is working fine until the moment I have enabled inline editing.

Visually, it appears to be working but the moment when I try to save something it is stuck at loading, I have made a console log check and apparently it throws a "page not found" error.

I have checked the link from a popup_edit and it looks like this:

http://localhost/aag/admin/xaag.php?o=i ... escription

And it looks right. I have previously renamed the couch index.php and registered the change, it is the first template and the page with ID 1 and the name of the editable field is correct.

Any idea why it would throw a 404 when trying this ?

I also thought it was an htaccess error and i have generated a new one as well. still no change.

Apparently is throws the error for the renamed index.php page. So more precisely, in a weird way is gives an error for the xaag.php page ...