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I see from earler posts that this was a reported problem way back and has, allegedly, been fixed. However, I'm getting the problem even though I've been using all the most recent files I can find.

I'm at the final stage of the Aurelius tutorial and that's where I'm getting the problem. Can anyone help please?

Please PM me the template you are using and I'll test it.
OK, thanks!
Ken, I tested your code and could find no problem with the captcha.

I think what is throwing you off is the fact that the captcha does not show up for already logged-in users;
I suspect you are testing the code while being logged-in and hence not getting to see it.

Please test after logging out (or use the incognito mode of your browser) and you should find that the code works as expected.
I had accessed the page without being logged in. The attached is a screen shot of what appears. Everything is there except the actual picture for the captcha test.


I have the same issue now. Image shows as broken, and PHP log says this:

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PHP message: PHP Notice:  A non well formed numeric value encountered in /usr/share/nginx/dev/couch/includes/securimage/securimage.php on line 652

I am using the latest CouchCMS from github (updated today).

The line in the file says this:

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            $font_color = imagecolorallocatealpha($this->im, "0x$r", "0x$g", "0x$b", $alpha);

My comments code is all from the documentation example without any modifications. Commends to work and post, when commenting as logged in, when there is no captcha.

Some more logs:

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server:, request: "GET /couch/captcha.php?c=0&sid=e2e58c16713f51f0a172b37ee0e0c114 HTTP/2.0", upstream: "fastcgi://unix:/run/php/php7.4-fpm.s
Type 'captcha' is no longer effective in warding off spam.
I suggest you please use type 'recaptcha' instead - please see the following thread for instructions

Hope this helps.
Thank you. Will try the other approach.

P.S: CouchCMS still rocks, thanks for all your work!
You are welcome.
Thanks for your kind words :)
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