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Hey there,

I run a relatively basic website for a client that is built using CouchCMS. It is an education platform where they offer in person lessons, and would like to add payment to it.

Currently they are able to create a course (done as a clonable template) and then set event dates for the course inside of the course using the mosaic feature. I've looked through the documentation and I understand the sample given at and for the most part this looks like it would be relatively easy to implement, however they would also like to set the amount of 'seats' for the course. Once the course is filled it would automatically switch to 'sold out' and prevent further sales.

I did notice the part in the shopping cart tutorial that it states the module is not a CRM, or inventory manager, but I'm wondering if there's any way to work around that in this use-case?

Decreasing stock is usually done done at the point when the sale is confirmed (for businesses not selling on credit, this usually also coincides with the receipt of payment).

This can easily be done using standard DataBound Form but usually the requirement is also that it should happen automatically and this is where the problem with CouchCart comes -
unlike PayPal button (, which uses IPN to explicitly notify Couch about a sale, the cart has no such feature.

So you'll have to figure out some way to trigger your DBF and manipulate the stock at each sale.
Perhaps the email that PayPal sends could be used for this? Or, maybe if the user is not buying multiple courses at the same time the cart can be replaced by PayPal button which would solve the problem?
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