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I've been trying to get pretty urls to work; I've enabled them in config.php, I've generated the .htaccess and placed it in root dir, I've LoadModule-ed mod_rewrite in httpd.conf, and i checked that mod_rewrite definitely exists in the httpd modules folder.

I'm using apache for my webserver.

Despite these steps, whenever I try and visit a page, for example localhost/watch/, it tells me 404 object not found. If i visit watch.php directly, it redirects to localhost/watch/ and gives 404 not found.

How can I fix this?

Thank you

The site is still on localhost, right?

If so, I'd suggest waiting till the site is up on a proper host before taking on prettyURLs.
Local stacks are much too flaky to have a definitive answer.

Chances are that you won't even run into any kind of mod_rewrite problem when the site gets online.
Ok thank you, hopefully will work when I move to proper host
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