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Hi all,

I've already made some simple websites using CouchCMS, I'm really impressed what this cms has to offer
Now I'm working on an internal project for our special effects company that is active in the film industry.
This is much more complex than I've ever done with couch and was wondering if you guys have any ideas or could help me out.

General Idea
A platform where we can store our project planning and crew planning

What we are trying to achieve
Add crew with associated personal data
Add projects
Add work data to a project and the number of crew members needed (See if a work data already has enough crew, and if not)
Add crew members to certain work dates, as well as a visualization in calendar view

I've been experimenting a bit with relations but I feel like I'm not going to get there

What is also very important is that all information must be able to be entered, modified and deleted via DataBound Forms

Could someone possibly help me out with this? What is especially important to me is the structure of how I best implement this in couch

Thanks in advance
Bert, the description fits the 'application' type websites. It may be and will be done via DB-forms, I can see no issue there. Did you have a chance to study Midware » Couch Notejam Tutorial? If you'd wish extra hands on deck, I can guide and oversee your coding.

your best friends: github, StackOverflow, telegram
Hi Trendoman,

What I struggle with now is the structure of the templates.
How can I best do this? If you could help me with that that would be great

In the meantime I have looked at and tried out the Notejam tutorial, this works in the meantime and I have experimented with it a bit.
Couch will simply adapt to your frontend coding. Do the HTML part as You find most logical and fitting for your customer. Then it'll be ported to Couch without breaking anything. Let's stop right here :)

your best friends: github, StackOverflow, telegram
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