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This would be great if I could get it to work
Can anyone please help...
I have created the database with the following details:

// Name of the database
define( 'K_DB_NAME', '###' );
// 5.
// Database username
define( 'K_DB_USER', '###' );
// 6.
// Database password
define( 'K_DB_PASSWORD', '###' );
// 7.
// MySQL hostname (it will usually be 'localhost')
define( 'K_DB_HOST', 'localhost' );

I have uploaded the 'couch' folder with the config.php configured with those details.
But I keep getting this result from https://###/couch/
"Could not connect to database"

Normally, after the string "Could not connect to database", we also get to see some info about the specific error that occurred.
That helps a lot in pinpointing the issue but, unfortunately, on your site that bit of info is missing so there is little for us to work upon.

Since the site is hosted online, perhaps you may contact the host and ask them to give you the correct database creds?
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