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Hello I am Trying to import repeatable entries from a csv file into an repeatable region.

Find Attached a sample of csv file. I have 2 questions.

if look at the file you will notice that there are 6 columns and 7 rows

the first 3 rows are for the same products which have the same product, sku, brand, category and price, the only thing different is the image column which have different image paths. because I have used the csv import code which avoids duplicates,

my 1st Question: I am wondering how do I add multiple images into the repeatable regions from the CSV.
my 2nd Question: under the category column you will see that there are multiple categories in there separated by comma (,) how do i add them separately into that section which is relation page.

see my code below
Code: Select all
                        _auto_title       = '0'
                        _invalidate_cache = '0'
                        _masterpage       = 'products.php'
                        _mode             = 'create'

                        k_page_title      = "<cms:show _product_brand/> <cms:show _product_name/>"

                        product_name        = _product_name
                        product_price       = _product_price
                        product_sku         = _product_sku
                  product_images      = _product_images
                        product_des          = _product_des
                        product_add_info    = _product_add_info
                  product_brand       = "<cms:pages masterpage="brands.php" page_title=_product_brand limit="1"  ids_only="1"><cms:show k_page_id /></cms:pages>"
                  product_category   = "<cms:pages masterpage="categories.php" page_title=_product_category limit="1"  ids_only="1"><cms:show k_page_id /></cms:pages>"

Help is greatly appreciated.
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For Categories you can try this:
I suppose it will help the cause.

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