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Hello KK,
I realized something today whiles working with Couch cart. I added a discount in one of my products using
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[ 0=3 ]%
. Now the issue is after adding a product(s) to the cart, I tried outputting the total of applied discounts using
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<cms:pp_discount />
, instead it always shows 0. However when I add the discount cart wide in the cart config file, then the discount value appears but it excludes the one applied directly to a product. Is that supposed to be the default behavior? Thank you

The docs ( state -
Item level discounts

Similar to setting item-level shipping charges, we can also set item level discounts (i.e. discounts set directly over individual products).
However, unlike shipping, item level discounts don't appear in the 'Discounts' total of the cart (the one output by <cms:pp_discount />), as do the two cart level discounts discussed above. Rather, these discounts serve to decrease the base-price of the product.

Would that explain the behavior you are getting?
Yes it definitely did. Thank you very much for the quick response.
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